Planning a Visit

When is the Museum open?

From 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Visitors must enter the Museum 30 minutes before closing time.

When is the Museum closed?

The Museum is closed every Monday. It will be open, though, when Monday is a holiday. In this event, the following Tuesday will be closed. The Museum also closes on the year-end and New Year holidays and during changing exhibitions.
For more information, please check the “Visitor Information” page and the Exhibition “Calendar” page.

Visitor Information

How do I get to the Museum?

The Museum is close to the “Naniwabashi” Station on the Keihan Nakanoshima Line. Take the stairway exit No.1.
You can also reach the Museum by approximately five minutes’ walk from the following stations:
-”Yodoyabashi” Station on the Osaka Subway Midosuji Line or the Keihan Railway. Take the stairway exit No.1.
-”Kitahama” Station on the Osaka Subway Sakaisuji Line or the Keihan Railway. Take the stairway exit No.26.
The Museum is located on the east side of the Osaka City Central Public Hall.
For area maps please see the “Getting Here” page.

Getting Here

I would like to go to the Museum by car. Does the museum have a parking space?

We do not have public parking space for the general public. We encourage visitors to use public transportation.
We do have a wheelchair-accessible parking space for disabled visitors or senior visitors who need assistance in walking. If you wish to use this parking space, please contact the museum in advance.
For visits by large buses please contact the Museum in advance (phone: +81-6-6223-0055).
Please note that vehicles are not allowed to enter the Nakanoshima Park on Sundays and national holidays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.


A different fee may apply to special exhibitions. For more information, please check the “Visitor Information” page or the “Exhibitions” page.

Visitor Information

Can we view only the permanent exhibition?

While special or temporary exhibitions are being held, it is not possible to view only the permanent exhibition.


Re-entry is basically not allowed.
However, if you need to re-enter for a certain reason, please ask the reception.

Are reservations required for group visits?

While reservations are not required, we suggest informing us the date and number of visitors, which will enable a smoother entry.
However, please do inform us in advance if you are arriving by large buses (phone; +81- 6-6223-0055).