Introduction to the Collection

The ATAKA Collection (gift of Sumitomo Group)

This collection contains approximately 1,000 pieces of Oriental ceramics, consisting mainly of 144 Chinese ceramics and 793 Korean ceramics, which were accumulated by the former Ataka & Co., Ltd. This world-renowned collection holds two National Treasures and twelve Important Cultural Properties. Due to the virtual collapse of the Ataka & Co., Ltd., the collection was donated to the city of Osaka by the twenty-one companies of the Sumitomo Group, led by the main bank Sumitomo Bank. In 1982 the Museum was established as an institution to study, preserve and exhibit the collection.

Catalogs of the Collection:
Masterpieces of Orinetal Ceramics, March 1999 (first edition)
The Eyes of Ataka Eiichi, Seeker of True Art – Selected Chinese and Korean Ceramics from the Ataka Collection, April 2007
The Beauty of Asian Ceramics – from the Collection of The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka, March 2014

The RHEE Byung-Chang Collection

This is a collection by Dr. Rhee Byung-Chang (1915-2005), a Korean national lived in Japan. The core of this collection is the 301 pieces of Korean ceramics acquired in Japan, which is among the world's top private collections of Korean ceramics in terms of both quality and quantity. Dr. Rhee donated his collection to The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka during the period between 1996 and 1998 to fulfill his wish to promote Korean ceramics and the underlying culture worldwide as well as to make his collection a source of pride and hope for his fellow Koreans living in Japan.

Catalog of the Collection:
Color of Elegance, Simplicity of Form – The Beauty of Korean Ceramics from the RHEE Byung-Chang Collection, March 1999

The IRIYE Masanobu Collection

This distinctive collection, consisting of approximately 250 pieces of Chinese ceramics, mainly wine vessels, covers a wide range of time as well as various styles and kilns, from black ware of the Dawenkou culture to blue-and-white made at a private kiln in the Qing dynasty.

Catalogs of the Collection:
Chinese Ceramics from The Iriye Collection, January 1997
Chinese Ceramics of The Iriye Masanobu Collection, August 2009

The HORIO Mikio Collection

Mr. Horio Mikio (1911-2005), a good friend of the potter Hamada Shoji, was one of the leading private collectors of his works. Along with the core collection of approximately 200 pieces of Hamada's works, Mr. Horio's collection also contains works by Kawai Kanjiro, Serizawa Keisuke and Bernard Leach, who were also associated with Hamada. Aprproximately 50 pieces of kosometsuke (late-Ming blue-and-white made at private kilns), collected from their practical aspects add a unique taste to the collection.

Catalogs of the Collection:
Life & Work of HAMADA SHOJI – from the Horio Mikio Collection, October 2000
HAMADA SHOJI – The Horio Mikio Collection in The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka, August 2008
The Fascination of Kosometsuke, Chinese Blue-and-White in Late Ming Dynasty, September 2008

The TAKADA Sanae Collection

This collection, gathered in Iran from 1959 to 1960, consists of approximately 130 pieces which covers a wide range of vessels from West Asia, mainly Persia, including earthenware, stoneware, bronze and glass.

Catalog of the Collection:
Persian Ceramics from the TAKADA Collection, April 2002

The OGATA Shuhei Collection

This collection consists of approximately 10 pieces of West Asian earthenware and stoneware gathered by the late potter Mr. Ogata Shuhei V.

The SUZUKI Masao Collection

Mr. Suzuki Masao, son-in-law of ASAKAWA Noritaka, known as "The God of Korean Ceramics", donated this precious collection of approximately 1,200 items in total, including about 80 pieces of works formerly owned by Noritaka and related materials.

Catalogs of the Collection:
Korean Ceramics Cherished by Asakawa Noritaka – Gift of Suzuki Masao, April 2009
Asakawa Noritaka & Takumi Brothers: Their Souls and Their Visions, April 2011

The HAKUTORO Collection

This is a collection of approximately 180 works of art gathered by Mr. USATO Kinji (pseudonym "Hakutoro"). Made through the unique eyes of a collector with a "literati" disposition, the collection contains the core Chinese ceramics collection along with lacquer ware, bronze vessels and calligraphy.

Catalogs of the Collection:
Chinese Ceramics of the Hakuto-ro Collection, October 2003
The Hakutoro Collection – The Grace of Ancient Chinese Ceramics, August 2013

Works by KAWASAKI Tsuyoshi – Gift of FUKUSHIMA Satoko

This is a group of approximately 30 works of art by Kawasaki Tsuyoshi (1942- ), a contemporary artist potter living in Tama City, Tokyo. The "Town" series, his project which started in the 1980s and continues until today, is an idea of cutting out a landscape three-dimensionally, which delivers an impression of impregnable solidity despite some changes added through time.

Catalogs of the Collection:
Works of KAWASAKI Tsuyoshi – Gift of FUKUSHIMA Satoko, December 2010

Works by SHIMIZU Uichi – Gift of SHIMIZU Yasutaka

The artist-potter Shimizu Uichi (1926-2004), highly praised for his original techniques and expressions, was designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Asset or Living National Treasure for his outstanding production techniques of iron glaze stoneware. This collection, consists of 12 pieces, was donated by the potter's eldest son and also an artist potter Mr. Shimizu Yasutaka.

Works by UNO Soyo – Gift of UNO Marie

Uno Soyo I (1888~1973) was born in Kyoto as the eldest son of the potter Uno Ninmatsu I. He was a potter chosen as a "relevant artist" who acquired the production techniques of underglaze copper red and celadon which were designated by the country as intangible cultural assets. Approximately 90 works of art were donated by Ms. Uno Marie.

Catalogs of the Collection:
The Pottery of Uno Soyo I, December 2009

The OKI Shoishiro Collection

This is a collection of approximately 1,200 pieces of Chinese snuff bottles made of various materials including ceramics, glass and metal. Mr. Oki Shoichiro, a well-known snuff bottle collector, donated his collection and the Museum took this opportunity to establish a new gallery in which approximately 150 pieces of snuff bottles can be displayed permanently.

Catalogs of the Collection:
The Art of Chinese Snuff Bottles of the Oki Shoichiro Collection, July 2008
Gems in the Palm – 200 Snuff Bottles: The Oki Shoichiro Collection in The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka, September 2011

The UMINO Nobuyoshi Collection

This collection was donated by Mr. Umino Nobuyoshi, a resident of Kagawa Prefecture. It consists of 26 items of Chinese yong figurines and burial ware of the period between the Han dynasty and the Tang dynasty. The collection represents the world of the ceramics that decorated the ancient Chinese tombs.