About the Museum

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

Yes, two wheelchairs are available for use in the museum with no charge. Please ask the reception for assistance.


Use of baby carriages

For safety reasons, we may ask you to leave the baby carriage when the galleries are crowded. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Do you have nappy-changing facilities?

A nappy changing facility is installed in the ladies’ restroom on the second floor.


Do you have information in foreign language?

We have general information leaflets in English, Chinese and Korean. Information boards in the building as well as the titles and descriptions of the objects are written in Japanese and English.

Are there shops where I can buy a souvenir related to the exhibits?

There is a museum shop on the first floor.

Museum Shop

Do you have a catalog of the exhibition?

Yes, it is available at the museum shop on the first floor.

Museum Shop

Is there a restaurant or a cafe in the museum?

There is a “Tea Salon” on the first floor. You are welcome to have just a cup of coffee, so it is a convenient place for meeting your company or having a rest.

Tea Salon

Are there any places of interest in the neighborhood?

Please check the following web page.

Nearby Facilities