Our Concept and Mission

Our Concept:

Art fosters aesthetic sensibilities and is indispensable for enriching human nature. An art museum is one of the pivotal public institutions that contributes to the society through introducing art from various aspects. Our museum serves the public by providing an aesthetic experience with our world-class collection of oriental ceramics to enrich their artistic sensibilities and desire towards learning.

Our Mission:

Our Museum collects, studies, conserves, exhibits and interprets oriental ceramics with a basis of our valuable collection including the world-renowned “Ataka Collection”, donated by the twenty-one companies of the Sumitomo Group to the City of Osaka, and the “Rhee Byung-Chang Collection”, also a donation by the collector. Through the above activities, we provide the public an experience to enrich their artistic sensibilities and fulfill their demand for learning. We pursue the goal as being “the most refined museum specialize in ceramics”, which the City of Osaka can proudly share with the rest of the world.

We Are Actively Working to Be…

(1)Center for research activities on oriental ceramics

We play the role as a pivot for substantial research activities on oriental ceramics through collaboration with other domestic and overseas institutions, lending our pieces to overseas institutions and providing information on a multilingual basis.

(2)Owner of world-class oriental ceramic collection

We not only preserve our core ceramic collection which is highly recognized worldwide, but also continue to diversify and enrich our collection and reflect such activities into educational programs.

(3)Organizer of attractive exhibitions

○ We develop an attractive permanent exhibition by displaying our world-class collection using our original exhibition techniques.
○ We carry out special exhibitions and theme exhibitions that are enjoyable to the audience while maintaining academic and aesthetic quality.

(4)A unique ceramic museum that offer the citizens an aesthetic experience and fulfill their desire to learn

We aim to become a museum specialize in ceramics, in which the citizens can enjoy their aesthetic experiences, enrich their sensibilities and expand their learning opportunities. In order to achieve this, we make our best effort to provide substantial information based on reliable research and educational activities by collaborating with other municipal museums of Osaka City.