Note to Visitors

Museum Etiquette

Visitors can create a pleasant atmosphere in the gallery by being considerate to other viewers. Below are a few items to consider while visiting our Museum. We hope this will help all visitors to enjoy the art objects peacefully and have a rich, memorable experience in our Museum.

Please do not use mobile phones.

*All mobile phones must be either switched off or set on the silent mode.

Please keep quiet.

Even soft voices may echo through the galleries and lobbies and can disturb the tranquil atmosphere.

Please do not eat or drink in the Museum.

Eating or drinking may soil the galleries and disturb other guests.

Other Guidelines

Please do not bring umbrellas inside the Museum building.

Please leave them in the umbrella stands with locks provided at the entrance area.

Please do not run in the Museum.

To respect other visitors as well as to avoid any injury, please refrain from running within the compound.

For safety reasons, we may ask you to leave the baby carriage when the galleries are crowded. We appreciate your kind understanding.

We are equipped with surveillance cameras and have security guards patrolling during the whole opening hours to maintain security within the Museum compound.
For the protection of the art objects as well as the maintenance of a pleasant viewing atmosphere, please be advised that security guards may call your attention if needed.