Modern Representations of Human Figures - From the Collection of The National Museum of Art, Osaka

Saturday, December 16, 2017~Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka will be exhibiting 9 works of human sculptures produced by contemporary artists, which have been selected from the collection of The National Museum of Art, Osaka. The show will run concurrently with the exhibition on ancient yong figures. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of The National Museum of Art, Osaka, this would be the first collaboration between the two museums, both of which have been playing a leading role in the art and cultural activities in the Nakanoshima region. Works of human figures from the ancient times were produced under circumstances completely different from those made in modern times, having a great time gap of over a thousand years as well as a huge special distance. Nevertheless they both vividly represent the people of their respective times in their own way. Visitors can enjoy this rare encounter of contemporary creativity and the ancient beauty of creation in a museum environment.


Examples of Objects on Display