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Saturday, April 12-Sunday, July 27, 2014

General admission: 600 yen
University & high school students: 360 yen
Junior high school students and under: free

Temporary Exhibition
As Pure As the Lotus - East Asian Ceramics and the Eyes of the Photographer MUDA Tomohiro

白磁刻花童子文方盒 河北省文物研究所蔵

The lotus, indigenous to India, has always been close to the hearts of the people of East Asia for growing amid muddy ground and opening its serene, elegant flower. Disseminated throughout the world along with the spread of Buddhism, the lotus is often likened to an ascetic who attained enlightenment after his long austere practices. It deserves the other name known since early times: the flower of prayers. This exhibition sheds light on the various lotus motifs decorating the ceramics of East Asia. Through the approximately 60 works of art from the museum collection, the viewers can appreciate the serene beauty of the flower. Its charm can be further explored through 40 photographs of “the flowers of prayers” by Mr. Muda Tomohiro, an active photographer whose works are based under the theme “Spaces for Prayer, Forms of Prayer”.

Featured Exhibition: Luster of the Orient – Persian Ceramics of the TAKADA Collection

The flowers and birds drawn in a lively, unrestrained manner, stylized letters, glittering luster decoration – Persian ceramics achieved its own splendor inspired by cultural interaction with both the East and West. The Takada collection presents the charm of Persian ceramics through its approximately 20 works of art.

Permanent exhibition:

  • ■ Chinese and Korean Ceramics of the Ataka Collection
    ■ Korean Ceramics of the Rhee Byung-Chang Collection
    ■ Japanese Ceramics
    ■ Chinese Snuff Bottles of the Oki Shoichiro Collection

≪National Treasures Displaying Dates≫
April 12 – July 27, 2014
National Treasure, TEA BOWL, tenmoku glaze with silvery spots (yuteki)
National Treasure, BOTTLE, celadon with iron brown spots