The RHEE Byung-Chang Collection Gallery

This gallery was established in March 1999, commemorating the generous donation of 301 items of Korean ceramics, 50 items of Chinese ceramics and the fund for research of Korean ceramics by Dr. Rhee Byung-chang (1915–2005). The room introduces notable works selected from Dr. Rhee’s collection of Korean ceramics.
Dr. Rhee Byung-chang was born in Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea. In 1949, he visited Japan as a diplomat and later entered in the academic field, awarded a Ph.D. in Economics by Tohoku University. As a businessman, he was also engaged in trade between Korea and Japan, establishing a trading company Kyowa Shoji. In 1978, he published Kankoku Bijutsu Shusen (Masterpieces of Korean Art) from University of Tokyo Press, which made Dr. Rhee a remarkable person to be known in the whole world as a devotee and researcher of Korean ceramics. He is also recognized for his collection of Korean ceramics that boasts first-class quality.
After deliberation, Dr. Rhee decided to leave his precious collection in Japan where he lived for a long time, so that his collection can play the role as a promoter of Korean cultural heritage to Japan. He entrusted our Museum with the care of his collection, which he believed will benefit the friendship between Korea and Japan as well as the improvement of the social status of Koreans living in Japan.
Our Museum, accepting Dr. Rhee's thoughtful consideration and passionate ambition, is working sincerely on every aspect including exhibition, conservation, interpretation and research, in order to conform to Dr. Rhee's expectations.
We would like to express our deepest respect and gratitude to the boundless generosity of Dr. Rhee Byung-chang and his wife Dr. Madeleine Kim.